Stephane Piedrahita Reyes

Age: 26

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 07.07.2021

Education: Psychologist

Childcare experience: I was a volunteer of my church for four years taking care kids, do motor, emotional, social and mind activities of different ages. Also currently I work as a babysitter of a 19 months old girl and her older brother whom is 10 years old.

Motivation: I would like to have a cultural exchange, to know more about Netherland, make new friends and have fun while I take care and play with kids

Judy ann Pelipinosas

Age: 21 yrs old

Nationality: Filipino

Country of residence: Philippines

Start date: 01.09.2021

Education: College level

Childcare experience: I am easy to get along with. I have a sister that helps me improve my hospitality skills by baby sitting her Children's while she is at work. I am with my 12 years old niece and 11 and 6 years old nephew since my first year High School until I graduated in Sr high School. While I am taking my Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management but i cant't finished my studying Because of the lack of money , I am responsible in taking good care of niece and nephews. which enables me to enhance my time management. I already spent a long time alone with my niece and nephew that helps me improve doing different tasks at home like keeping the house neat and clean and cooking nutritious food to keep nieceand nepnews healthy.

Motivation: I love singing and playing a xylophone then sing along with my 6 years old back then. I can also dance and teach nursery rhymes and alphabets.

I want to an Aupair bacause it is a big opportunity to develop myself by learning and making challenging life experiences. It allows me to learn the language and immerse my self in the culture and tradition will provide me an opportunities to meet new people, experience their lifestyle,see new places enjoy the food hopefully meet many new friends.

I would describe my self as a caring person who tries to make the best out of every situation.I am responsible person and very dedicated in my task.I can do multitasking and can work pressure and function will in the process.Good work ethics and have a positive attitude in overcoming failure,In addition I love also pets. If you one I'll love to take care of them as well.

I hope we can develop a good relationship working and living together as a family,I am looking forward to be Aupair and also a member of your family.

I can easily adapt your family norms and contribute to your different social activities.
I hope you will consider my credentials. Im willing to pay my visa in future.

Thank you and I look forward speaking with you soon!

Angie Nathalia Martinez Paez

Age: 22

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 15.10.2021

Education: Im student of business managerment

Childcare experience: I have 4 amazing years taking care of childrens, in special 6 months untill 5 but Also I have take care of ages from 6 to 11. I have previus Experience in Au Pair program, last year I was An Au Pair in Usa

Motivation: I love to Share time with childrens, The idea that I can help them with educacion or anything they need is lovely for me, Also I want to explore new places and Doing what I like is a perfect match

Heidy Fiorella Camposano Camposano

Age: 24

Nationality: Española

Country of residence: España

Start date: 01.01.2022

Education: psychology

Childcare experience: When I finished my compulsory studies (baccalaureate) I worked for half a year looking after a 5-month-old baby. My job was to look after Esther from the time she woke up until her parents came home from work. I woke her up, made her breakfast, we went for walks and played in the park. Then I would feed her, put her to sleep and entertain her until her mother came home. During the period I was looking after Esthers her 6 year old brother started his summer holidays so the last few months I was looking after both of them.
Then I started university and I couldn't continue with them because I moved to another city.
In Salamanca, the city where my university is, I worked as a volunteer in a school that provided activities for children from 4 to 17 years old. We, the monitors, prepared the activities for the children. We also organised camps where we led the activities, took care of all the children and created a good atmosphere for everyone. We had to be more careful with the younger ones as they were the ones who had a hard time in the first days because they missed their parents or could get sick more easily. But we always knew how to handle all the situations well! I was a volunteer in that school until I finished university and had to return to Zaragoza, the city where I live.
Besides, being the eldest of my cousins and siblings, I have always had to take care of them. Nowadays, I love spending time with my 3 year old cousin!

Motivation: Dear family
My name is Heidy Fiorella, I am 24 years old and I am from Peru, but I have been living in Zaragoza (Spain) since I was 5 years old.
I have just finished my university studies and I think it is the perfect moment to be able to carry out this experience as an au pair as it is something I have always wanted to do, but I never saw myself with enough time.
I have studied psychology at the University of Salamanca, a city far away from Zaragoza, so I have been living alone there for 4 years. During this time I have learned to take care of myself, to be responsible and to value the family that is far away.
I have always wanted to carry out this experience, but it was impossible for me because my studies at university were face-to-face, so now that I have finished university I think it is the perfect time to start this project. Besides, having been away from home for 4 years has given me a lot of experience when it comes to living in a new city on my own.
I consider that I have a lot of patience and that I know how to obey what I am told. I have always liked to feel useful, helpful and to be active as long as possible.
I want to be an Au Pair because I sure that this experience will teach me a lot! I also look forward to getting to know the culture and customs of the country I'm going to.
From the host family I just hope that they will be nice, fun and open-minded. And that they will eventually consider me as one of the family :)

Veronika Kireeva

Age: 23

Nationality: Russian

Country of residence: Russia

Start date: 27.08.2020

Education: Higher education (Specialist’s Degree of legal support of national security (lawyer))

Childcare experience: I've been working as a nanny for 2 families. There are 2 children, a 7-year-old girl and a 3-
year-old boy, in the first family. I have been working with them for 1 year, since
September 2020. I sit with them about 3 days a week about 4 hours. There is a 5-year-old
boy in the second family. I work with him about 2 years. I sit with him on demand in the
evenings (about 3 hours 2-3 times in a week). I pick them up from school/kindergarten, feed
them, play and walk. I try to do development activities with them, for example, we play with
puzzles, draw and paint, model and so on.

Motivation: I would like to expand my worldview. It’s so interesting to learn about another culture, explore new things, travel. I hope my host family will be open for communication, will tell me about Holland, show me their traditions. I am sure it will be an interesting year.

Chelsea Weddell

Age: 20

Nationality: American

Country of residence: Netherlands

Start date: 01.10.2021

Education: Completing a Bachelor

Childcare experience: I have been babysitting kids, related to me and not, for the past 9 years and have taken up several nannying opportunities in the last 4 years. I have also been a registered behavioral therapist for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder for 3 years and have worked with kids of all ages in both home and school settings.

Motivation: My goal as an Au Pair is to be able to experience a valuable cultural exchange while also helping out a family! I think it would be such a great opportunity to learn about life beyond the United States while doing something I enjoy!

Carolina Lizeth Gutierrez ramirez

Age: 27

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 15.11.2021

Education: University

Childcare experience: I'm a teacher, so I have four years teaching in primary school and two years in secondary school. Besides I have two nieces of 4 and 7 that II babysit mainly on weekends since 2 years ago.

Motivation: I would like to be an Au pair because it is the best experience for knowing people from different cultures and improve the languages´skilss I've been learning during my career.

Karen Alexandra Gutierrez

Age: 27

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Austria

Start date: 15.02.2022

Education: Profesional

Childcare experience: I am the oldest of my sisters (we are 3 girls) and the oldest of my cousins, I have taken care of my sisters and my cousins, I have helped them with their tasks and activities.

I shared with my sister and my cousin (both of them are 12 years old) in the park, riding a bike or playing soccer.

The activities I have done are: Help with questions in their tasks, develop their skills, prepare meals and have everything organized.

I am currently an au pair in Austria since January 2021, I take care of two children of 3 and 5 years old, we play in the park, I teach them Spanish, we sing songs and they learn many things, in September 2021 a little baby was born, previously I have had experience with babies and it will be a good experience.

Motivation: I want to be an au pair because it is a way to know a new culture, with different customs! with my current experience I have had the opportunity to learn a lot and share my culture as well and I love working with children because they can teach you a lot and are always very curious with the world around them.

Camila Canet Salcedo

Age: 19

Nationality: Mexican

Country of residence: Mexico

Start date: 01.12.2021

Education: High School

Childcare experience: - Babysitter for 2 different families for around 2 years.
- I gave art classes, on winter and summer breaks
- currently volunteering in a special education program at a middle school.

Motivation: Travel and learn about Dutch culture and people in depth, get to know new people and places, learn new things, and be a nice addition to my host family!


Age: 27

Nationality: Russian Federation

Country of residence: Russia

Start date: 15.02.2022

Education: Higher education, State Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod, interpreter

Childcare experience: I have been teaching English to children and teenagers for several years so I know how to get along with all kinds of kids, make them motivated and excited about things. I am always happy about the kids getting interested in what I do, and my main approach is to become friends and have fun with them. The age range I deal with is from 7 to 16 years.

I also used to take care of my younger cousin as I was a teenager. I used to walk and play with her at the weekends, help my aunt around the house a bit. It was a nice experience for me too.

Motivation: I'd really like to enhance my childcare experience as I'm planning to teach English as the foreign language for children abroad.
It would help me to get along with foreign children more easily in the future.
I think participation in this program would be a kind of a challenge for me as I usually deal with russian kids, but I'm eager to broaden my mind and knowledge. It would help me to become more open-minded, creative and outgoing.

Lillyam Castillo

Age: 27

Nationality: Colombiana

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 01.02.2022

Education: Academic

Childcare experience: I have had experience taking care of children since I am from a large family and we have all lived together, I have had experience taking care of a 1-year-old relative who is autistic, I have also traveled to Peru to take care of my cousin and help him with schoolwork, bathe him , feed him, play with him and wash his clothes in addition to taking him to the park and entertaining him, I have also taken care of some neighbors of 3 years and 4 years, I took care of them some years ago while the mother went to work, I have had that kind of experiences all my life, in addition to this I have done a course in children's pedagogy that allows me to better understand children, I love learning from them and being able to teach them good things.

Motivation: My main motivation apart from doing something that I like is taking care of the children, it is to have a cultural exchange and learn much more about the culture of the Netherlands, in addition to learning the language and visiting beautiful places so I would like very much to live this experience and I know it would be very useful for the host family.

Maria Marcela Licona

Age: 25

Nationality: Colombiana

Country of residence: Colombia

Start date: 01.02.2022

Education: Academic

Childcare experience: I have taken care of my family's babies between 1 and 2 years old and among those includes bathing them, entertaining them, being aware of them, washing clothes, feeding them and other tasks, I have also been a volunteer in a foundation for 2 years that works with children from 0 to 14 years of vulnerable communities in Colombia, I am also a person who likes children, I can help them with homework and housework, take them to school, feed them, since I am clear about what my work as an au pair would be .

Motivation: My main motivation is to do a cultural exchange that allows me to learn more about the Dutch culture, so this exchange would be my dream, learn new languages ​​and learn from children and live the customs of a Dutch family, know places and taste gastronomy.